History of Medicine Resources compiled by members of the Association.

COVID-19 Resources compiled by AAHM members

A bibliography of historians’ responses to COVID-19:  A bibliography compiled by the American Historian Society. To contribute additional items use this form:

Syllabus: A History of Anti-Black Racism in Medicine:  Resource developed by AAHM member Antoine Johnson, Chair of the Committee on Student Affairs, Ayah Nurridin and Elise A. Mitchell.

Global History of Health-Teaching Notes on Ebola by Monica H. Green

Orals Bibliographies for Students: A repository of bibliographies compiled by AAHM members

The Public’s Health: Through prevention, education, and intervention, public health practitioners – epidemiologists, health policy experts, municipal workers, environmental health scientists – work to keep us healthy. Learn more from a blog maintained by Michael Yudell, Jonathan Purtle, Janet Golden and other contributors.

CADUCEUS-L is a moderated e-mail discussion list dedicated to the history of medicine and its allied sciences. Membership is open to anyone interested in the history of the biomedical sciences and health care.