Committee on Student Affairs

The Committee on Student Affairs of the AAHM provides graduate, medical, and professional students interested in the history of medicine and allied sciences with an opportunity to become more involved in the activities of the Association. The purpose of the Committee is three-fold: First, the Committee creates mechanisms for students to participate more actively in the history of medicine community through the promotion of intellectual exchange. Second, the organization fosters opportunities for professional development. Finally, the Committee  promotes social interaction among students involved in the history of medicine. As part of its efforts to get students involved in the discipline and its leading professional society in the United States, the Student Section sponsors a graduate luncheon at the annual meetings of the AAHM, as well as participation in related workshops and seminars. It also strives to provide interested students with information vital to their success in the field. These aspects of its stated mission—intellectual exchange, professionalization, and community building—are the reasons for the Student Section’s existence.

One of the best tools the Committee has at its disposal is an email list-serve. Students can ask questions about research, look for hosts when traveling, and share news through this group. You are welcome to join us electronically, and please remember to post responsibly.

Antoine Johnson, Chair
Walt Schalick, Faculty Advisor


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