Orals Bibliographies for Students

This repository is a tool to aid graduate students who are building reading lists in preparation for their qualifying exams in a field related to the history of medicine. It consists of lists of books which members of the AAHM have used in past years for their own exams; we thank all who contributed.

At the moment, the lists are divided into seven categories: History of public health in the West; cultures of Western medicine, from antiquity to the present; gender, reproduction, and sexuality; history of Western medicine, 1700-present; history of the life sciences; history of Chinese medicine; and a final “miscellaneous” category. These categories are permeable in nature and only represent a general grouping, rather than strict sub-disciplinary divisions.

If you would like to contribute your exam book list to the repository, please email it in .pdf form to the Chair of the Education and Outreach Committee, Claire Clark (claire dot clark at uky dot edu). We ask that you redact all personally identifying information (i.e. your name, institution, and examiner)

Orals Bibliographies