Lectures: Pandemic Perspectives: Stories through Collections

Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History is announcing a new program series, Pandemic Perspectives: Stories through Collections.

Join curators and historians for an engaging series of panels offering perspectives on the current pandemic. Panelists will virtually share objects from the past as a springboard to a lively discussion of how to better understand the present. Audience questions are encouraged and will be addressed in the moderated dialogue.

Website, including (free) registration for each program: https://americanhistory.si.edu/pandemic-perspectives

We invite curious people to join us for interesting discussions exploring a diverse range of historical and contemporary topics – and tensions – associated with pandemics.

Lectures: Online CME in the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

The Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins is proud to introduce new online Continuing Medical Education modules that provide a historical perspective on issues of relevance to clinical practice today.

For more information on these CME modules entitled “Professionalism in Historical Context” and “History of Global Health,” visit https://www.hopkinshistoryofmedicine.org/content/online-cme-modules-history-medicine-0.