Web usability testing National Library of Medicine

Aline from User Happy is conducting usability testing for the National Library of Medicine (NLM). They produce websites for online exhibits on different topics related to the History of Medicine. The NLM is interested in learning more about how they can improve the user experience for historians./researchers. The testing takes about 45 minutes and can be conducted online remotely or in-person at my office at JHU Eastern 1101 East 33rd St, Suite E30, Baltimore, MD 21218 for local participants. Participants would be compensated for their time. We are aiming to complete the testing by May 31st, 2018. Interested participants may email me directly: aline@userhappy.com.

Please feel free to call or email me with additional questions.

Thank you,

New Journal: Reproductive Biomedicine and Society

Reproductive BioMedicine & Society (RBMS) is a new open-access journal dedicated to interdisciplinary discussion and debate of the rapidly expanding field of reproductive biomedicine. It is intended to bring to attention new research in the social sciences, arts and humanities on human reproduction, new reproductive technologies, and related areas such as human embryonic stem cell derivation. Its audience comprises researchers, clinicians, practitioners, policy makers, academics and patients.

RBMS will accept high-quality original articles, reviews and commentaries on topics in the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities concerning Reproductive Bioscience and Medicine. The subject areas of interest will include Politics, Sociology and Social Policy, Philosophy, Psychology, Anthropology, the Visual and Written Arts, Economics, History, Ethics and Law related to Reproductive Biomedicine. The editors are Sarah Franklin and Martin Johnson (Cambridge, UK). Nick Hopwood is section editor for History and historians are well represented on the editorial board.

For more information: <http://www.rbmsociety.com/>