Graduate Online Courses: Johns Hopkins University

The Department of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University now offers graduate-level courses online. Students can take individual courses or pursue a certificate or M.A. degree in the History of Medicine. Registration is now open for the Term 2 (October 23–December 19) class, Survey of the History of Medicine 4: Biomedicine and its Consequences. For additional information about the program or upcoming courses, visit, or email with questions or to be included on our mailing list.

Teaching: Teaching the New Paradigm in Black Death Studies

A blog has just been posted describing the experiences of AAHM member Monica Green in teaching a new course on the global history of plague and the most catastrophic pandemic in human history, the Black Death: Green taught the course as a semester-long experiment in how to take the new genetics paradigm of Yersinia pestis studies (the organism that causes plague) and create rich historical narratives that could explain the genesis, spread, and effects of the the main plague pandemics in the past two millennia. The blog has links to various resources used throughout the course, as well as to the full syllabus, which is freely available online.