Past Pressman-Burroughs Wellcome Award Winners

The Jack D. Pressman-Burroughs Wellcome Award was established in 1999 and first awarded in 2000 to honor the memory of the late Jack D. Pressman.

2021–Dr. Heidi Morefield, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Princeton University to support her Book Project, “Developing to Scale: Technology and the Making of Global Health.”

2020–Dr. Wangui Muigai Assistant Professor at Brandeis University to support her Book Project, “Infant Death in the Black Experience”

2019–Joelle M. Abi-Rached, a Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow at Columbia University, for her book project, entitled ʿAṣfūriyyeh: A History of Madness, Modernity, and War in the Middle East.”

2018–Yumi Kim, Assistant Professor of History at Johns Hopkins University for her project, “Sickness of Spirit: Medicine, Religion, and Madness in Early Twentieth-Century Japan”

2017–Rachel Elder, University of Pennsylvania

2016–Jethro Hernandez Berrones, Assistant Professor at Southwestern University for his project, “Medicine in a Revolution: Homeopathy and the Regulation of the Medical Profession in Mexico, 1853-1942”

2015–Deborah Blythe Doroshow, Yale University, for her project, “Emotionally Disturbed: The Care and Abandonment of America’s Troubled Children”

2014–Claire Edington, post-doctoral fellow at the Mahindra Humanities Center, Harvard University, for her project.”“Beyond the Asylum: The Social History of Psychiatry in French Indochina, 1880-1940.”

2013–Nicole Elizabeth Barnes, Visiting Assistant Professor of History at Boston College, for her project, “Protecting the National Body: Gender and Public Health in Southwest China during the War with Japan, 1937–45.”

2012–Jeanine Shinozuka, Adjunct Professor at California State University, for her project, “Biotic Borderlands: Constituting Race in Transnational Public Health and Agriculture, 1880–1945.”

2011–Deborah Levine, Assistant Professor in Health Policy and Management at Providence College, for her project “Managing Bodies in the Land of Plenty: 1840-1945.”

2010–Matthew Smith, Wellcome Trust Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Centre for Medical History, University of Exeter, for his project, “Food for Thought: Hyperactivity, Food Additives and the Feingold Diet.”

2009–Joseph M. Gabriel, The Department of Medical Humanities and Social Sciences in the Florida State University College of Medicine, for his manuscript “Gods and Monsters: Drug Addiction and the Origins of Modern America.”

2008–Mical Raz, History of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, “Rereading Lobotomy: Crossing Boundaries in the History of Psychosurgery in the United States, 1935 – 1955.”

2007–Mariola Espinosa, Department of History, Southern Illinois University, “Epidemic Invasions: Yellow Fever and Limits of Cuban Independence.”

Award given biannually until 2007

2006–Amir Arsalan Afkhami, Department of Psychiatry, NY Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Weill Medical Center, “The role of public health in the development of Iran as a nation, especially the way disease contributed to the patriotic and radical rhetoric of reform in Iran.”

2004–Julia Rodriguez, Assistant Professor of History at the University of New Hampshire, “Civilizing Argentina: Science and the State Against Barbarism.”

2002–No Award

2000–David Serlin, National Library of Medicine, for completing a book: “Not Who We Used to Be: Remaking the American Body in Cold War Culture.”