J. Worth Estes Prize Winners

This award, named in honor of former AAHM Secretary-Treasurer Dr. J. Worth Estes, was first awarded in 2000.

2021: Beatriz Puentes-Ballesteros, “Chocolate in China: Interweaving cultural histories of an imperfectly connected world,” in Harold Cook (ed.), Translation at Word: Chinese Medicine in the First Global Age (Boston: Brill Rodopi, 2020)

2020: Sabrina Minuzzi  “‘Quick to say Quack’ Medicinal Secrets from the Household to the Apothecary’s Shop in Eighteenth-century Venice,” Social History of Medicine 32 2019): 1-33

2019–Aimee Medeiros and Elizabeth Siegel Watkins, “Live Longer Better: The Historical Roots of Human Growth Hormone as Anti-Aging Medicine, Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences 73 (2018): 333-359

2018–David Herzberg, “Entitled to Addiction? Pharmaceuticals, Race, and America’s First Drug War,” Bulletin of the History of Medicine 91 (2018): 585-623

2017–Anna E. Winterbottom, “Of the China Root: A Case Study of the Early Modern Circulation of Materia Medica.” Social History of Medicine 28 (2015): 22-44

2016–Dora Vargha, “Between East and West: Polio Vaccination across the Iron Curtain in Cold War Hungary” Bulletin of the History of Medicine 88 (2014): 319-342

2015–Hoi-eun Kim, “Cure for Empire: The ‘Conuer-Russia-Pill,’ Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, and the Making of Patriotic Japanese, 1904-45,” Medical History, 57 (2013): 249-68

2014–Cynthia Connolly, Janet Golden, and Benjamin Schneider, “A Startling New Chemotherapeutic Agent: Pediatric Infectious Disease and the Introduction of Sulfonamides at Baltimore’s Sydenham Hospital,” Bulletin of the History of Medicine, 86 (2012): 66-93

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