Fellowships: “Spaces for Medical Research and Care” McGill University

The Department of Social Studies of Medicine (SSoM) invites applications for a postdoctoral fellowship on “Spaces for Medical Research and Care”. This broad theme may include spatial studies of laboratories, medical schools, research institutes, hospital wards, clinics, nursing homes, or any space where medical research and care is performed. The substantive research areas of SSoM faculty members that relate to this theme include cancer, surgery, tuberculosis, sexuality, global health, and aging. An application on cancer, for example, might consider the changing spaces for cancer research and therapies over time, such as clinics, specialized hospitals, surgeries, and even houses or hotels. Of particular interest are approaches that will investigate the co-production of innovative architectural designs and novel clinical assemblages (e.g., chemotherapy or, more recently, precision medicine), or explore the “topical contextures” (Lynch 1991) integrating an ecology of local spaces with experimental practices.

The SSoM fellow will be appointed for one year, with the possibility of a 2nd year renewal. The fellow is expected to be on campus during the tenure of the appointment, and will be provided with a work space in the department. There is a possibility of teaching medical students, under separate contract, but the appointment’s chief objective is to facilitate research. Approximately half of the fellow’s time will be spent developing her or his own research agenda and the other half will be spent working on projects with a designated SSoM supervisor.

Qualifications: A PhD in the humanities, social sciences, science and technology studies, history, bioethics, women’s studies, or a related field is required before the start date and the applicant must be no more than three years beyond receiving the degree by the start of the appointment. The appointment may begin as early as 1 May 2020.

Please submit your application to ssom@mcgill.ca

For more details please go to these links: https://www.mcgill.ca/ssom/opportunities   https://www.mcgill.ca/medhr/positions-available/research-assistants-other-academic-appointments

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