Call for Papers: Special Issue on Teaching Medical History in Clinical Settings-Journal of the History of Medicine

Clio in the Clinic: A Special Issue on Teaching Medical History in Clinical Settings

The Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences is soliciting abstracts for articles to be included in a special issue entitled Clio in the Clinic: A Special Issue on Medical Teaching History in Clinical Settings.

Clinicians who study the history of medicine and health care know that it provides important critical perspective for medical practice. And those who have studied the history of medical education recognize that history was once an essential topic within formal training of clinicians. Many of us are interested in trying to infuse a historical perspective back into clinical settings, ranging from full-time academic historians who teach medical students to dual-degree clinicians who combine history with patient care to physicians and other health care providers who are curious about the antecedents of their work.

This issue seeks to provide the inspiration and tools to incorporate the history of medicine back into clinical education.  We hope that it will offer a combination of useful historical vignettes, examples of primary sources that can be used for teaching sessions, strategies to create the time and space necessary to teach, and engagement with contemporary themes such as professionalism and bioethics. Our underlying goal is to make history come alive as a critical and valuable component of medical training. Interested authors should submit an abstract of their paper. The articles selected will be shorter than standard JHMAS articles (3000-7000 words) and should reflect historical scholarship but be written for a general audience of clinicians. Authors whose abstracts are selected will be invited to submit an article for consideration for publication in the special issue.

Please send an abstract (no more than 500 words) by January 1, 2020 to Joel Howell:

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